Education: The Basics

Principle 4: The Contents of Education

Many scholars have presented contents necessary for education. Frederic Maier has listed these fifteen items, which are quite approvable:

1-Intellectual thought

2-Appreciating culture

3-Developing creativity

4-The importance of understanding and using science

5-Contact with outstanding ideas

6-Spiritual and moral values

7-Basic skills

8-Career efficiency

9-Better compatibility to family life

10-Effective satisfaction

11-Physical and mental well-being

12-Change of personality in order to create more interest in knowledge and understanding the truth

13-Creating stable interests

14-Creating interest in keeping peace

15-Making understood that man is an ultimate criterion of the universe

 Although the above-mentioned items are general and their desirability is uncertain, the important point is presenting the criteria, principles and motives of the contents education should include. Despite the fact that intellectual thinking and reinforcing it are important parts of education, the question is how they can be developed. Cultural appreciation is significant, but what criteria show that a culture is great enough to be used for education? 


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