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ايده آل زندگي و زندگي ايده آل

ايده آل زندگي و زندگي ايده آل

اين كتاب ، عنوان پژوهشي در زمينه بازشناسي ابعاد و آفاق سازندگي هاي مربوط به زندگي و زندگي هاي انسان ساز است . اين تحقيق كه نخستين بار در بهمن ماه سال 1347 خورشیدی در جمع دانشجويان دانشگاه تبريز به صورت سخنراني ايراد شد، از پژوهش هايي بود كه درباره پديده زندگي ، چيستي و چگونگي آن...

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موسيقي از ديدگاه فلسفي و رواني

موسيقي از ديدگاه...

كتاب موسيقي كه با حالت تطبيق آن با مقوله هايي چون : شعر، نقاشي ، خط و... آغاز شده ، رساله اي است كه در...

نيايش امام حسين(ع) در صحراي عرفات

نيايش امام حسين(ع) در...

اين كتاب، يكي...

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The immensely vast world which has nowadays even been named the "global village," has long been a land full of flowing ideas and viewpoints. Theories and speculations have always been an important part of this world, and have dominated man's written history. Man has always had thoughts and ideas alongside his natural life. One of these viewpoints considers nothing but thoughts. Supported by religion and sound common sense, this point of view believes that one hour of thinking is equal to years of worship, emphasizing that nothings is equal to thoughts.

Indeed, thoughts are what humanity is defined by, and great thinkers of mankind are like the shades of the tree of human mentality throughout history, in which human beings can develop. On the other hand, thinkers have arisen with huge variety and diversity in ideas, fields and geography. 

Some have taken superficial looks at knowledge, whereas some others have profoundly excavated the worlds of the unknown. Some have worn materialistic glasses, while others have had a divine, supernatural viewpoint. The latter group, the religious-mystic, free minded thinkers, are quite rare, and Allameh Mohammad Taghi Jafari was one of them.

Allameh Jafari always had free-mindedness and religiousness together. His conquest was to the unknown fortresses of "being" and "changing," and it was this passion that helped him find his way to other lands, and invent the idea of reasonable life. As he saw it, reasonable life is:

"… a conscious form of life in which the fatalistic forces and activities of natural life are, by means of development, freedom and growth flourished by free will, are adjusted onto the path of relatively evolutionary goals, and the human character is gradually improved in this path until it reaches the supreme aim of life, which is participating in the general harmony of the universe, all of which depends upon divine perfection."

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