Merry Christmas

Selected sentences by Mohammad Taqi Jafari

Merry Christmas


Jesus Christ is quoted to have said: " s/he who is not born for the second time s/he will not enter the kingdom of heavens". By second birth Jesus refers to the beginning of voluntary self_building. Explanation: the first birth of man is human natural birth from a mother and a father. By this birth man embarks upon the path of evolutionary determinism and continues his natural movement via a mass of natural laws. By this birth and movement man neither enters the realm of values nor he ever acquires the ability to acquaint himself with the transparent layers and noble aspects and principles of man and nature. The entrance of human individuals into the mentioned realm and acquisition of this acquaintance begins when man starts to build himself. This is what we call it voluntary birth and by this, Jesus takes form. This is the very inception of the season of entering the kingdom of heavens and beholding divine beauty and majesty. Since then the truth of justice reveals its sacred face to man and avoiding carnal pleasures for the sake of pursuing intelligible life makes its real taste perceptible ... Yes, by entering this stage the becomes qualified to behold the kingdom of heavens and discovers majesties beneath the appearances.


M. T. J’afari , A commentary of Nahjulbalagheh, vol. 8


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