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Publication of the book The Exploration of Ideas:Discussions and interviews of western and eastern thinkers with Allameh Jafari

Publication of the book The Exploration of Ideas: Discussions and interviews of western and eastern thinkers with Allameh Jafari


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From 1961 to 1998, a large number of great men of science and knowledge conducted interviews and dialogues with Allameh Muhammad Taghi Ja'fari in fields involving human sciences, theology, philosophy, mysticism and the foundations of sciences. These interviews and dialogues show that there are so many common constructive principles in the domain of human knowledge that the ruining conflicts between the nations could in fact be adjusted into constructive competitions and scholars from different cultural backgrounds can sincerely compete and challenge each other on religious culture, worldview and social and moral management in an atmosphere far away from egotisms and inhumane incentives.

      By reviewing the factors influential in human developments throughout history, one may come to the conclusion that these factors had been consequences of constructive challenges and competitions of various cultures of human society. Thus, if we are supposed to contribute to the human progress which is vital for human survival in this part of history, which could be considered a turning point in human history, we should engage in the aforementioned competitions rather than in the critique of destructive cultures.


This book provides promising reading for those who wish to see a world ruled by goodness and wisdom, and at the same time it is a dependable source for those scholars and researchers who seek to know man in genuine sense and Islam as well as Islam in its pure form.


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